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Coach Bill Curry Explains “The Miracle of Team”

Georgia State Head Football Coach Bill Curry

Georgia State football coach Bill Curry calls it “the miracle of team” — the ability to unite individuals from completely different backgrounds and mindsets under a common cause.

“That very person that we thought we hated becomes our brother, and it lasts for a lifetime,” Curry said. “That’s supposed to happen in church. That’s supposed to happen in the family, and sometimes it does. It always happens in the football huddle. It can happen here.”

Curry was speaking to a packed Parish Hall at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, which hosted Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency’s Annual Brunch. It was a year ago this month that Atlanta Enterprise Center, which grew out of an employment training ministry at St. Luke’s, merged with another independent non-profit, Samaritan House, to form ACSS.

St. Luke’s remains an important and active partner in ACSS’s interfaith support system.

The crowd in attendance included ACSS staff, volunteers, supporters and clients — folks from many different backgrounds, united under the common cause of breaking the cycle of homelessness.

One of our volunteers produced this short video to introduce just a few of the many dedicated and diverse clients, volunteers and staff who come together to make ACSS and its programs successful and effective. Call it “the miracle of team.”

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