Cafe 458: It’s So Tasty!


Cafe 458 Executive Chef Tiffany Wills

By Barbara Hughes | ACSS Volunteer

The grand re-opening of Café 458’s popular Sunday Brunch more than lived up to expectations last Sunday (March 1st).

Things were bustling in the kitchen where Chef Tiffany Wills kept everything under control, in addition to dishing out some wonderful brunch items.

Church group in Cafe 458's overflow dining area: a great spot for group gatherings.

Church group in Cafe 458’s overflow dining area: a great spot for gatherings.

The renovations that kept Café 458 closed for a while really made a difference to the overall ambience. It was a great idea to expand the dining area into the front room of 458 Edgewood Ave., which is light and bright. But, the overflow dining area was needed, as well, when a church group arrived after services to sample some of the wonderful options that Chef Tiffany and her staff had prepared.

Here is what I loved about the brunch (I’ll get to the food and service later): a diverse group of diners, all happily greeting each other and stopping by tables to spend a little time chatting and socializing. That’s what I’ve always thought the Café was and should be: It’s a great place to meet, socialize, have great food and do good.

The doing good part is because all proceeds, including 100% of the tips, provide funding for the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency’s programs to end homelessness and provide life stabilization opportunities for its clients.

Now, the food! I had the asparagus and sun-dried tomato frittata and a biscuit. And nothing about that dish disappointed me. The coffee was hot and delicious and my cup was refilled several times during my meal. It was beautifully presented and served with great professionalism by a team of volunteers from Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!).

  Cafe 458 guests enjoy a larger, brighter main dining room.

Here is a challenge to other area universities: Gather up your own volunteer team of servers, because you will have a wonderful day. And when it’s done well, as it was on March 1st, the service at Café 458 rivals that of any other bistro at which I have had brunch!

Frankly, I can’t wait to sample the other brunch items on the Café 458 menu next week and on as many Sundays as I can make it to the historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood.

You can make reservations online and view the Cafe 458 menu here. To volunteer, contact Alison Smith at:

Trust me, you will not be disappointed! Fried chicken and waffles anyone?


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