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Corporate Involvement with ACSS: It’s a Win-Win!

ACSScoaching11By Barbara Hughes/ACSS Volunteer

Do you remember the excitement and panic of your first (or most recent) job interview?  “What will the interviewer ask?”  “Did I do enough preparation?” “What should I wear?”  Do you recall the post-interview doubts and hopefulness?  “Should I send a thank you note?”  “Did I sound confident?”  “Did my resume tell my story?” On February 12th, it all came back to me when I was part of a corporate team, led by InterContinental Hotels Group and Hewlett-Packard, that worked with ACSS CareerWorks Class #28 to prepare for a job fair.

With additional support from AT&T, Elavon and Lexmark staff, we spent about two hours with a group of very enthusiastic and well-prepared job seekers – tweaking resumes and conducting mock interviews.

“I would hire him (or her),” was a common remark made during the interviews.  I agree.  Any one of our ACSS VIPs (Visionary Innovative Partners) would be an asset to a prospective employer.

The success of the morning session flowed both ways.  Our corporate team, as one member remarked, received much more than we gave.  Not only did we all come away with a profound sense of the talent that is available at ACSS, but we saw each other in a different way, as well.

ACSScoaching2In business, we talk a lot about “synergy,” where the sum is greater than the individual parts. Many teams aspire to this goal.  I’m told that the definition of synergy is “2+2=5.” Well, our synergy was at least a ten during our session with the ACSS VIPs.

And we all are looking forward to working with ACSS Business Development Director Gordon Ellis to come up with our next team-building event in about two months’ time.  Meanwhile, our new friends at AT&T are helping with gathering interview clothing for the ACSS Clothing Closet. And many of the IHG/HP team members have exchanged business cards with the VIPs to stay in touch.

Class #28, your new friends are pulling for you at the job fair!

And friends in the business community, if you’re looking for corporate team building opportunities or more information on corporate involvement, please contact Gordon Ellis, Gordon.Ellis@atlantacss.org or Otis Hillsman, VP of Programs, Otis.Hillsman@atlantacss.org.

As someone on our team told me, “This beats bowling any day!”



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Snapshot of Success: Patricia Graham

All of us at ACSS are thrilled with the success of Patricia Graham.

In three short months since graduating from our CareerWorks program, she has obtained full-time employment and a promotion from sales associate to a commercial representative handling business accounts. And she’s just signed a lease for an apartment. She moves in today!

Here’s how Ms. Graham describes her experience:

“When I came to ACSS, in my mind it was the last house on the block. I was discouraged, frustrated, homeless and had no hope for the future. This was the lowest point I’ve ever been in my life. After leaving the ACSS CareerWorks orientation, I felt hopeful for the first time in a long time. After starting class, I was given a new perspective by the instructors. Within two weeks of graduating from the job readiness training program, I was called for an interview and got the job! I know this was because of how ACSS changed the way I viewed my situation.”

Congratulations, Patricia Graham! We’re proud to have you as an alumna. And thank you for sharing your story on how ACSS is breaking the cycle of homelessness.


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ACSS Graduation: “Opening the Door into Our Potential”

On March 4, the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency held a graduation ceremony for our 6th CareerWorks class. After successfully completing four weeks of intense job readiness and life skills training, these 31 graduates are ready to join the workforce.

But the program doesn’t stop there. For the next 12 months, ACSS will continue working closely with each graduate, supporting their path to success and self-sufficiency.

“It’s a full-year that we have available to us assistance in job search, assistance in housing,” said Darryl, an ACSS graduate. “So, we’re really just opening the door at this graduation into our potential.”

Here’s a 60 second video with highlights of the graduation ceremony.


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